TWR tourney Interview 3: Jeanne

Games Feb 15, 2023

After a short stop in Cockenhagen to fuel up and buy several litres of coffee, we meet our final guest.

Her name is feared throughout the halls of EF. Her reputation as one of the best fighters in several disciplines is widely spread.

She is the number 1 Guardian of the Hill and one of the best hentai players around.

And she has humongous bonkers!

Welcome Jeanne!

Frikka: Jeanne! The TWR tourney is up and running and some participants are already suffering from low stamina! How do you motivate yourself to push to the very end?

Jeanne: well, as you probably know by my many titles, I'm a very competitive fighter. I'll let nothing get me down because I know there's ALWAYS a chance of me winning. So I'd say it's my competitiveness that always leads me to push through no matter what as I and hopefully all other competitors will always fight until the bitter end to get the win.

F: Yes. I can feel that! By the way...your boobs are really spectacular! Which has absolutely nothing to do with our next question: which team do you see as hot candidates for the win?

J: Well, I'm not very familiar with many of the fighters, so I do hope to see some breakthrough stars...or to see the team I see as the favourites dominate anyone they cross, and they are rum roll please...'re still staring at my tits! Never mind...

Ruck and Lysa!

I know Ruck is a capable and skilled fighter who I'm sure can get the best out of his teammate and share some tricks. I have no doubt they'll be going far. I've even heard they have the lord, RNGesus, on their side

F: Aha. Lordy...would you mind to point those nipples away from my eyes? Gettin´ hot in here!

Thank you Jeanne!

And that concludes our little external interview session with some of the best players around.

Back to TG in the EF main hall who will update us all about the latest news in the TWR carnival.

Frikka out.



After falling in love with the EF community and spending way too much time with chatting and rp´ing, I decided to help out a little with texts and alike. :)