TWR tourney interviews 5: Abby & Jay Thunder

Games Mar 4, 2023

The annual TWR tourney almost reached its peak and the masses simmer with excitement leading into the grand finale!

What better time to shove my micockphone into some more faces? So, today I have the chance to interview our first team of finalists!

A very warm applause for Abby and her partner Jay Thunder.


Frikka: Could you introduce yourself for the few spectators that don't already know you after your huge victory over Atlas?  Where are you from, what is your sexfighting history and what is the breakfast of your choice?

Abby: My country is called Hic sun leones on most of the maps, and it wasn't conquered yet!  Really, we are a barbaric nation and wrestling is a traditional sport, so it's no surprise it's common in sex customs as well.  Don't worry, no one gets harmed...usually! I was exiled from my home for not eating meat (except for fish) so for breakfast I eat white yogurt...mmm, with protein addition sometimes, you know?

F: Of course!


Frikka: It's been mentioned that you're from Philadelphia, and you showed the folks out there that you are a ruthless fighter.

–Have you been bruised and battered?
–Couldn't you tell how you felt?
–Have you been unrecognizable to yourself?
–Did you saw your reflection in a window
–And didn't know your own face?

Jay: You know, I never was a Springsteen fan like that.  I didn't grow up in Philly, but I've been here for awhile now (smiling slightly)

F: Alright.

J: Ain't no angel gonna greet me either.  It's just you and I my friend!

F: Abby, you showed extreme control over your own body and refused an orgasm that others would have had no chance to avoid.  Can you tell us your secret, or were Atlas' fingers just too small?

A: You know, Atlas did really great, but he failed to make me feel like there's no other choice.  As they say, capture the mind, the body will follow...fuck, wait that's no guide how to deal with me, can we redo the answer?!


F: I was totally overwhelmed by your stamina during the match with the great Scarlet Fire, Jay!  I even fell asleep twice, walked the dog and mopped the locker rooms while you both didn't gave each other one tiny break.  That battle raged on for two full days! In the end you emerged victorious.  Tell us where you found the power to fight her this grimly!

J: I said it before and I'll say it again, Scarlet Fire is an absolute fucking superstar, and it was an honour to fight her.  She actually made me cum first in that fight, and she was really hard on me the whole match.  In the end I don't know.  I thought for sure she had me when she went for the blowjob, but for some reason, I just didn't cum.  Was able to flip and fuck her, and after she came, I got the pin. Sometimes life is funny.

F: That is true.

F: I am sure that you are both busy with more training for your big matches so I don't wanna waste more of your time.  Do you want to send any messages out to either your fans and opponents in the final battle?  What do you plan to do to them if you win?

A: I'm really happy for all the support from my fans! Really, love you all!  Wish me luck and come to Prague sometimes.

blows kisses

J: Well, at this point I don't know who I'll be facing.  But whether it's Miss Bratty Princess or Lysa, my plan doesn't really change.  Wear her out, twist her into a pretzel, fuck her silly, and pin her.  Afterwards, we'll see.


F: Wow! Lets make that happen – that sounds like a great show for the people out there!

Best wishes and best of luck for both of you!

Frikka out.



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