Short strategy guide to “The Wrestling Ring”

Guides Dec 2, 2020

Welcome to The Mixed Wrestling (TWR) strategy guide. First off, there are quite some similarities to the Lesbian Wrestling mode…but there are also quite some differences. How, you ask?

Well, in it's nature it has something degrading, trying to force someone to submit and sexually overpowering them. Adding Femdom and Maledom to your kinks will be necessary.

In addition, sex wrestling is an exciting and physically demanding sport. The energy management becomes significantly harder to gain and quicker to lose. This also means certain actions can cost you health points next to energy. Actions with clothes cost 1 hp, actions without 2 hp and actions where you tap out cost you 10 hp. There is a voluntary tap out action, but that'll cost you hp or a significant cum and pleasure.

The general rules on range related to desire, pleasure and cum (dpc) still apply. So keep in mind: first focus on d, then p. Keep your energy “in check” and when at 70-80+ d&p go for c.

Winning Conditions

You win the match by orgasm or by tap out. But there are distinct differences between the two and the effect they have (successes and failures).  

Making your opponent cum will inflict approximately 30 hp and significantly reduce their desire, pleasure and health (dpc). No change there right? However failing to make them cum, will come with a cost to the aggressor so you better not go for that cum test (~) too soon or you’ll just be edging yourself.

Making your opponent tap out, by either reducing their energy or forcing a tap out test will cost 6 hp and a little dpc. Failing to tap your opponent will do little to no damage, so don’t expect this mode to be without consequences.

Finally, you can not lose a match through an action that costs hp. It can only be through a test.


Considering the fact that actions involving an element of pain means you should time your ~. Otherwise you get something like this where the the loving girl wins with 1hp

Nothing is more annoying than making your opponent cum or tap out only to discover they still have enough life in them to finish you off.

It also means you can string certain actions – you might be able to string to consecutive tap outs – or a tap out and then pouncing on your opponent’s weakened state to make them cum victoriously for you.


Hope this helps, because this belt is heavy and I don’t want to be the one carrying it all the time.



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