Lesbian Wrestling Ring Guide

Getting Started Dec 16, 2020

Welcome to the Lesbian Wrestling Ring league (LWR), where all of the girls of EF gather around to see who is the strongest and sexiest! (Me of course!)

First of all, this is a very physical type of sex-fighting, were many submission and power moves are included in between the sex. So, I highly recommend to all of you to select the pain and humiliation kinks if you want to have a high variety of moves.

LWR divides its moves in three categories: the wrestling, the sex and the sex-wrestling.

Wrestling and teasing moves are the rarest, as to not draw too much of your attention away from what really matters (the sex of course) and they appear more often at the start of match, when both you and your opponent are aiming to tire each other so you can have an easier time when you start to have just rough sex!
Wrestling moves are especially strong and reduce your opponent's energy bar a lot, and a way to reduce your opponent LP bar too! You can’t win with a wrestling move, but you can make your victory much quicker and easier by using them!

Sex moves are often strap-on or humiliation moves where you fuck your opponent hard and good, to make her closer to a defeating, strong orgasm. They often require a lot of energy from you, and also that your opponent is completely naked. Sex moves increase the Red Bar, called Desire (D), while slightly increasing the green bar called Pleasure(P) and the violet bar called Cum Quantity (C).

A good Strap-on domination moment.

The Sex-Wrestling moves are a mix of both, and they remove a little bit of LP and sometimes lower your opponent's energy too, while increasing the P and C bars. These moves can appear at any point of the game, so you can enjoy them more!

Scissor-Hold plus some pussy rub.

The general rules related to Desire, Pleasure and Cum Qty still apply. So, keep in mind: first focus on Desire, as your pleasure will not increase as it should if your desire is too low, then focus on Pleasure, as your Cum Qty will not increase as it should if your pleasure is to low, and then focus on Cum qty, to have more chance to make your opponent cum and deal more damage to her LP.

Various Strategies and How to win!

-Rush Desire (Classic strategy): The classiest and easiest way to play is to build Desire (the red bar) from the start, to reach a level of 25/100 as fast as possible, at which point the strip moves will appear. Strip moves cost around 5 energy, so just keep that in mind when choosing early moves. Strip moves are very powerful and will increase your opponent's Desire a lot, helping you finish filling the bar so that you can switch your focus on the Pleasure and Cum Qty bars.

A typical well balanced and good "Rush Desire" move called "Tickle Grab".

-Soften her up (Wrestling strategy): In the early stage of the game, you will be able to choose wrestling moves more often. Wrestling moves help you reduce your opponent's Energy bar, so she has to play more on defensive and rest more often, while lowering her LP. This strategy can help you take time and wait for the strongest moves, while slowly building your opponent's desire. Once you've lowered her LP to 90 or lower, you can aim for a late game strategy that can one shot her with a Finisher Cum test (Explained later)


-Normal Cum tests will always cost 3 Energy and they will only start to appear when your opponent's desire and pleasure are above 50. They deal 35+Cum Qty damage (Max 55) to your opponent’s LP in case of Cum Success.

A normal Cum Test

-Special and Finisher moves: All the moves are balanced and a bit stronger than moves in Classic moves (the balance of LWR is around Advantage point 13 while classic is around 11), but LWR has also Special and Finisher moves. These moves try to be what signatures moves are for pro-wrestlers, but in a sexual environment. For these reasons these particular moves are stronger than normal moves.
-Special Moves will always cost 4 energy and they are always a bit stronger than normal moves. Special Cum tests will also fall in these rules, being stronger then normal cum tests. Special Cum tests deal 50+Cum Qty (Max 70) to your opponent’s LP. Special moves are rare though.

A Special Cum Test will have the word (Special) near the name move

-Finisher Moves will always cost 5 energy and they are the strongest moves in the game among the ones that can be done more than once. They have specific parameters to appear and they are also the rarest moves. Finisher Cum tests will also fall in these rules, being stronger than normal and special cum tests. Finisher Cum tests deal 70+Cum Qty points (Max 90) to your opponent’s LP, and if you soften your opponent up enough with Wrestling moves at the start of the game, you can actually one-shot your opponent with one Finisher Cum Success.

A Finisher Cum Test will have the word (Finisher) near the name move.

-Tapping out: When your opponent brings your LP to less then 90 and your energy to 5 or less with some Wrestling or Sex-Wrestling/Sexfighting move, you have a chance to get the “tap out” move that will give you back around 10 Energy! If you tap out you don’t lose the match, but instead you give your opponent one minute to do as she wishes with you. She will obviously strip you naked (when you tap out, you automatically lose all your clothes) and then decide how to please you. After a tap out, your opponent will have access to the strongest moves in the game, called “1 Minute of….”, moves that will increase your Desire, Pleasure and Cum Qty bars by a lot, without almost any effort or throwbacks for your opponent, or some Cum Tests if you have at least a chance to cum already. If you survive this minute of sexual assault by her, the match keeps going until one of you two lose.

Tapping out
1 Minute of Rubbing , as a 1 minute of move.

-Regaining LP: Wrestling moves reduce your LP, and the same thing happens when your opponent forces an orgasm from you. But can you regain LP back? In LWR you can!
In LWR some rest moves regain you 1 to 5 LPs, plus some Energy back. Resisting to a cum test give you 15 to 20 LP back (15 if you resist a normal Cum Test, 18 for Special ones, 20 for Finisher).
If your opponent Taps out, you regain 10 LP back if you choose a “1 minute of….” move, as you can rest and play with her body as you want for a whole minute without preoccupations.
This means that you shouldn’t spam Cum tests as soon as you see them, but build a strong orgasm before try to win the match, or you will end up losing energy while giving LP back to your opponent.

-Resisting a Cum Test: When you succeed on resisting a cum test, you’ll gain back Energy, your desire and/or pleasure will decrease and you’ll recover some LP too. As we already establish how much LP you gain back, let’s see how much Energy and Desire/Pleasure decreasing you get.
When you resist a normal Cum test, you’ll gain 3 Energy and -9 Desire.
When you resist a Special Cum test, you’ll gain 4 Energy, -10 Desire and -1 Pleasure.
When you resist a Finisher Cum test, you’ll gain 5 Energy, -12 Desire and -3 Pleasure.

A Normal Cum Test in the game. The "Horny Girl" didn't wait enough and she is going for a early cum test that will do less then 40 damage to my LP if i cum or give me a lot of energy back (The blue bar) while her energy is now almost none.
She fails to make me cum and now i have a lot of energy to use to build her bars and my LP are almost back to 100, even if i did cum already once during this match.
She tried again, and this time i even make her cum instead! You have to be careful! This is a constant back and forth. Whenever you attack, you have to be sure to make your opponent cum or you'll be in deep trouble!
Ultimately the "Horny Girl" lost because she was too horny! She tried to make me cum over and over again , without first pleasing or tiring me enough, so i pinned her down for the 1-2-3 count and dominated the match , making her cum over and over again 😏

In Conclusion.
As a GM of this league, I declare you can only win with a Pin or Orgasm K.O so don't be to hasty and hope for a some luck. Try to build your own strategy while having a sexy-fun time, or just do as i always do when i don't care about winning or losing: pic the sexier move you can and stick with it!



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