Edge of desire

Story Sep 30, 2020

It is dark in the room. I am lying down, my heart thumping madly. “Wait for me when the sun has set.”, he said. So here I am, waiting. The anticipation, the feeling of having no idea what will come with the fading light, is heightening my excitement.

My eyes slowly get used to the darkness, but still there is nothing to see. I get up and sit in the bed. Trying to recognize anything, any hint what is about to happen here. I hear nothing but my own breathing and my heart beating in my ears. I shiver slightly as a breeze slides over my half naked body.

Suddenly I feel a cold touch on my back. Oddly strange, so that my body twitches. A gasp escapes my mouth and the urge to move away rises. I fight my instincts and hold completely still as the touch is moving up my spine. So, it has begun. I got promised something special tonight and as it seems this will be. I hear a low hum behind my back as the thin cold object reaches my neck, travelling down the right to the front of my body. I stop breathing for a second. The movement stops at my throat and a warm kiss is placed between my shoulders. Every muscle in my body ready to jump, but my mind is melting under the intense feeling.

The differing temperatures push each other up. My back feels on fire while the blade sends waves of cold along my chest. My hands are tightened to fists. I lean back into the kiss and feel his body. Strong and hot touching my back. My body vibrates, pushed to its limits already. His hand softly slides up my left side, leaving a trace of warmth. His knife slides down in between my breasts. The bra pressing against the sides of it. I can’t hold a surprised moan of arousal and excitement.

I feel the lips moving up to the left side of my neck. He softly sucks and licks over the skin. My legs grind together on their own. An overwhelming desire grows in my belly and I hardly resist moving. The sharp blade reminds me to stay in place as I feel it pulling my bra on its way down. His hand grabs my left breast and I hear the fabric of my bra ripping over the knife's blade. My right hand rises up, but I stop it before it grabs his arm. My breast comes free, but I still feel the tip of the blade on my chest while the other is held in place by his gentle grip. Everything in my body concentrates on the small point where the tip presses in my skin. As he moves further down to my belly, the feeling of a trace down my skin stays. I stop my belly from moving with my breath. Every muscle tensed to maximum.

My body twists slightly without me being able to stop it. My cut bra falls down as his hand moves up and pulls my head to the side, giving him more space to sink his teeth in my sensitive skin. I moan and shiver in pleasure. The tiny point of touch distracting all my focus from the hot air he blows over my neck, showing his own arousal through the fast, hard breath. The knife reaches my panties, moves over them and teases my pussy through the fabric.

I feel the danger this could cause, but all can think of is the desire to never let it stop. My legs are closed together as he slides the knife between them and slowly brushes over my panties with his thumb. I feel my control fade, holding onto it with all my might to not push him away and move out.

His mouth moves up to my ear as he whispers in a deep tone. “You are shaking so much, I bet you would love to get rid of these panties and feel my soft touch on your pussy.” I can barely nod, trapped in my desire and the feeling of absolute trust. I want him to move on, I want him to keep doing this, I want all of him. The sharp edge of the blade moves up over my panties again. His hand holding my chin gentle, but firm. He guides me down along his body, laying me down in front of his knees as he bows down over me and places one leg on my chest.

I feel the weight holding me down, my head spinning from the sensations firing from every part of my body. He lays down the knife on my belly. It almost burns into my skin as I feel his hands both slide to my hips and in my panties. The long fingers pressuring my legs while his thumbs reach out and caress the skin around my pussy. My eyes close and I can only pant and moan, wanting more and exactly this at the same time. The thin fabric of my panties rubbing against the entrance, as he moves his hands up and down a bit already firing so much pleasure.

Suddenly I feel a quick brush of his thumb along the whole pussy. My hips buck up into the touch. I hear his slight giggle on my reaction. “Somebody seems to be enjoying herself already. Let all your emotions out for me. The sweet sound of your moans is music to my ears.” Another brush and I moan in pleasure. My muscles melting to his touch.

The quick hard breath lets the knife slide down on the side of my belly. I feel it almost move in slow motion, unable to get my attention off it. The blade falls right next to me, the tip touching my side and forcing me to hold the shakes back my body wants to do so bad. I feel tempted to grab it and move it away, but don’t want to show how much my hand must be twitching by now. So, I keep laying in place. My fingers open and close uncontrollably as the sensations flood into my mind. He notices my struggles and slides the knife out of reach. The other hand moving on top of my pussy and painfully slowly inserts a finger into it.

I feel my pussy closing tight around it. The touch sending me almost to the edge already. My legs jump up. I pull them close to my body before he softly, but firm pushes them down again with his free hand. He curls his finger, exploring my insides while slowly moving his leg between my breasts. I tense my back holding out as good as I can to not thrust my hips up against his hand. Feeling the strong desire to resist my needs a bit.

His palm starts to circle over my clit. I gasp and the resistance almost fades completely already, I throw my head left and right. My body fills with warmth and the moans fade into each other. “Ohh, you are doing so great. Just let this feeling take over all off you.” His words echo through my brain while I try to understand their meaning. My mind is unable to think and I only exist for pleasure. It floods my body, fills my veins and rushes through every cell.

He inserts another finger and moves them up and down, pressing them up to my belly inside my pussy. My back arches up in a last try to hold the feeling. Then my body explodes in pleasure and I scream shortly as it takes over. His fingers keep pushing me. I fade in the feeling, blacking out shortly in relief. I feel drained and happy. Laying under him panting with a wide smile in my face.

His fingers pull out and he turns around to look down to me. Slowly licking his fingers with a wink before laying down next to me. I am unable to move at all, his face coming close to me and pushes down into a kiss. His arms wrap around me and hold me till my shivers fade. We drown together in the sensuality of the moment and I never felt more happiness in my life. Truly an extraordinary night.



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