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EF Press Briefing — July

News Aug 9, 2023

Well here we are again at our monthly news round-up! I hope that this post finds you in good health. This month has been pretty eventful, so I'm happy to present you with a quick rundown of what happened, along with small glimpses of the future...


On a whim, lllusion decided that the community should participate in Reddit's r/place social experiment! A general call to arms was issued, and off we went to secure ourselves a slice of the Internet!

After a furious battle for territory, in which each member is allowed to put down a coloured pixel every 5 minutes, we managed to claim a little piece of the canvas — we're at the coordinates -1371,458.

Time well spent, I'd say! But next year we must do better...

Farewell, Damsel.

Long-time co-maintainer of EroFights' Dungeon Adventure mode, Damsel has decided to retire from the role, leaving Tony as the only active game maintainer. First of all, we would like to give a big THANK YOU to Damsel for her help, and she will certainly be missed.

On that related note, for those interested in learning under Tony on how to maintain the mode should contact the General Manager, Clara. The role of a game maintainer student is an important one, and commitment in time, effort, and training is absolutely required to excel, so think it through before applying!

Blog Posts

Since the last press briefing, we've had some interesting blog posts, starting off with Frikka's interview of last year's contestants of the EroPets tournament, Silvena and Evilthorn.

The continuation of the EF Novella was also published, this time narrating and embellishing how Winston met Alya.

And then of course, here is the brief survey on who everyone thought would win the final Classic tiebreaker.

Classic 2023

The first EroFights Classic Tournament has finally ended, and from 32 players, 16 teams, and four rounds of sexfighting, we now have our first winners! Alex and Cora Jade were pushed all the way by BDSM Stacy and Sexfighter Tanveer, but after a tiebreaker between Alex and Tanveer, the former emerged victorious!

Some fun trivia for everyone to digest: of the four finalists, only Stacy had won a tournament before, and in all three final matches, the male characters boasted a 100% win rate.

And as one tournament closes, another begins to pick up steam...


This is a special tournament made with submissives in-mind. Run by Clara, this tournament involves teams of two — a master, and a pet. Victory against other teams will result in the defeated master's pet being captured and added to the winning team.

We are now at Round 2, and here's the match list!

Team Bratty& Vs Team Dairy Farm

1st match Hentai mode : Romantic Vs The Merchant
2nd match Classic mode : Slash VS Rey
3rd match Hentai mode : Katha VS KL

Team The Order of the Sinless Soul VS Team The Silver Queens

1st match Hentai mode : Silvena VS Andromeda
2nd match Classic mode : Charles VS Tanya
3rd match Hentai mode : Diana VS Sam

Detailed match schedule to be announced.

When is the next tournament?

September, give or take a few days. We will be trying out an all-new Hentai Halloween format, which we're currently planning out! We will aim to rethink everything, from registrations to match formats, as well as any possible side events.

Bad End Battle update

Bad End Battle has finally received the highly anticipated female evil boss, allowing for female versus female matches. Helping with that task were the new additions to the team — the angelic Kiran and the innocent Sister Silvena. Yes, we know — a mode about corruption, and we get the holiest people on the job. Makes perfect sense!

Oh, and you might notice there is a chest now. Where you may or may not have to fight a Mimic to get the artefact inside. Good luck with that! You gonna need it~

All new features are part of the Patreon and you don't need additional packs to play them. Enjoy the mode! It was great fun making it for you ^^

As an aside, Kiran and Silvena have been awarded the title of Hero of EroFights City in the EroFights City roleplay server for their contribution.

Contributor of the Month

And now we arrive at the monthly award given to a member of EroFights that has been deemed to contribute the most during the month — with 53 actions and 79 corrections, Iona is July's Contributor of the Month! Congratulations, Iona!

Iona of course, is co-maintainer of the Bad End Battle mode, along with Classic champion Alex.


The EroFights writing team, particularly Clara, has been hard at work on our Chyoa project. For those not in the know, the Chyoa project is essentially a choose-your-own-adventure set in the fictional EroFights City.

It's some great erotica that you can enjoy while waiting in matchmaking, and also an advertising tool for people who use Chyoa to cross over to EF.

In fact, Clara herself originally found EroFights from Chyoa. I asked her what would be the newest branching path in EF's Chyoa, and she presented me with this chapter. Enjoy! Oh, and if you want to help to add to the Chyoa, you're free to do so. If you do enough of a good job, you might even be contacting by Clara to be part of the official writing team!

The Final Word

Well, that's us all wrapped up and brought up to date, then! I invite the owner of EroFights, General Manager Clara to say a few words:

It sure has been a full month, like most of the time during summer. Like Winston said, all the team has been hard at work these last few months to make sure that the summer will be bright on EF so a big thank you to them. Now I have more Chyoa chapters to published, so go and read them. — Clara



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