Emergency Medicine Day

Celebrations May 27, 2021

Our community has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. So many amazing people have come to our little corner of the internet, sharing in our kinky shenanigans.

Whilst some of us can work quite comfortably from home, there are others who are working hard at the front lines in the face of the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen.

This post is for those brave men and women.

Emergency Medicine Day was started by the EUSEM, with the aim of building a system model to grant every individual in Europe a professional, competent, and above all timely response to any life, organ or limb threatening acute condition.

The fields of action this organisation tackles covers rapid and competent first response to life threatening conditions, like cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, trauma and so much more.

They believe in efficient and quality response to all unplanned , unexpected, urgent and emergency situations that require rapid response, as well as an organised reaction and response to, and the prevention of, disasters and humanitarian crisis.

The United Kingdom started a "clap for carers" on a regular basis during the height of the pandemic, encouraging the public to stand at their front door and clap loudly, showing our appreciation for the brave souls that work tirelessly to provide aid for others that otherwise wouldn't have access to it during one of the worst pandemics we have seen in a long time.

Whilst that scheme saw an end as the UK slowly started getting a handle on it, the work of these amazing people hasn't. Day in and out, they do everything they can for those in need, working tirelessly as they provide this care, and quite frankly, they don't get the credit that they deserve.

Every single one of these wonderful people should be praised for the work that they put in. And we are proud to call some of these people members of our community.

Shiky, Yami, Lili and Vince are all frontline medical professionals that devote themselves to helping others, and on this day, the 27th of May, I would like to honour them for what they do in this field, especially during this pandemic.

If I had a glass, Iā€™d raise it in their name and in the name of everyone that works in this field.

So please join me in saying thank you to these amazing individuals that put so much on the line every day, giving their all to help those in need. If there are others in our community that also work in the emergency services, I salute you!

We only wish that we could do more for you, to show you how much we appreciate the time you give and everything that you do, but please know that we are thankful for every second of your time. Thank you!



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