Love Mode Action Creation Guide

Guides May 8, 2021

Hello! And thanks for reading my first blog post! :-D

Some of you know this already, but I've been quietly working away on one of the new upcoming modes for Erofights - Love Mode.

(Side note: More new modes! Who would have thought a year ago just how much this place would grow and flourish? Just wanted to acknowledge how cool that is!)

Now, Love Mode has a some big differences from some of the other modes, in that it isn't designed to have a 'winner' or a 'loser', with all the competitiveness that entails; and it isn't designed to have one dominant partner leading or instructing the other.

As the name suggests, it's meant to be a more sensual, loving game mode; all about mutual satisfaction, and getting there together.

Hopefully this fills a gap in the other modes, and you can all enjoy some tender moments with a special someone very soon. But what it needs now is LOTS of new moves. And that's where you, dear reader, come in...

I wrote most of this guide with the mechanics of advanced move creation in mind. But here's a few little things to think of when you're making moves for it :

  • If you need tips on action creation in general, lllusion's "Hitchhiker's guide" is the go-to. So go read that if you haven't already!

  • This is not a competitive mode. As such there are no cumtests or RNG at all. If you are making moves in which you/your/partner/both of you cum1 (and all of those are possibilities in this mode!) then they work in the same way as normal moves. (More on this later for all you advanced move people.)
    1Bear in mind if you make these, mutual cum moves are designed to be immediate game finishers.

  • It is designed to be a slower, sweeter, more sensual speed/style of play. A bit of kink and fetish is gladly accepted though, as long as the moves fit into this general aesthetic.

  • Bear the above in mind when choosing pictures/writing descriptions as well. Again, a bit of kink/fetish/roughness is ok, but try and find pics/gifs that aren’t too ‘over the top’.

  • As with the other modes avoid exact duplications. However, there is plenty of scope here for moves that are similar to others but just a little different. Get nice and specific!

For those doing advanced action creation:

(Disclaimer: Some of this may be subject to change as the mode develops.)

  • Difficulties: All stripping moves are ‘Free’ moves, and moves such as posing and kissing are ‘Free’ and ‘Easy’. Cum moves are all ‘Hard’ and ‘Deadly’. In general, as with other modes, the ‘harder’ actions go in higher difficulties. But this is much less determined by the stats, and there is plenty of room for things to go in different difficulties. If in doubt, put the move in the one it would be if you were making it for Classic/Hentai mode!

  • As it is non-competitive, no move has any energy use or gain at all.
  • Pretty much every move should increase the stats of both players.

  • The most any move should increase any one desire/pleasure stat by is +4.‌‌The most any move should increase any cum overdrive by is +2.
    Higher difficulty moves, as the game progresses, should have higher stats here.

  • Need x above/below: This may need some rebalancing later, but at the moment some of the ‘slower’ fucking moves can appear quite early and are in the region of need pleasure/desire above 30 for both players, but most are on 40/50. The idea is to mostly have a slow build up, with more impassioned actions appearing as the pleasure and desire bars fill up more.

  • Cum moves are just normal moves with the following stat changes / requirements for the ‘victim’:

                        Desire/Pleasure/Cum: -20‌‌
                        Life Points: -35‌‌
                        Need cum qty above: 13‌‌
                        And generally no stat change for the attacker

  • Mark all mutual orgasm moves with [ENDING MOVE] in the dev section and [END] in the title of the move. The [END] moves, are also normal moves, and should have the following stats:

                        -100 Life Points for both players.
                        Need cum qty above: 13 for both players

Obviously all this is very different from the other modes, so the ‘Advantage’ number can be safely ignored!

All this is still WIP of course, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a DM about it, on EF or Discord! :-D

Kip xx



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