New psychiatric clinic for girls - introduction

Erotica Sep 11, 2021

When the law changed and masturbation was declared a curable disease, single girls that were accused of masturbation had two choices. Either they would be numbed by a special injection that would prevent any sexual stimulation - or they could go to the “new psychiatric clinic for girls” and get cured of their disease. They would be there indefinitely until their therapists decided they were cured. As you can imagine, especially those girls who used to masturbate frequently and enjoyed their sexuality, the numbing was not an option and they went for the therapy option, hoping they could cheat their way out. One of those girls was 21-year-old Lisa, a gal frequently masturbating and with a sensitive pussy.

Upon arrival at the clinic, she had to give up all her personal belongings and all her clothes. She was then given a pill and shortly later fell deeply asleep.

When she woke up she was “sitting” on a bench, her legs spread high and wide apart. They had put her in some kind of harness and gagged her. She could only look straight ahead and slightly move her head. After a while someone entered the room – it was an almost naked girl who introduced herself as “nurse Sarah”.

“Welcome to our clinic Lisa! I’m nurse Sarah and I will participate in your therapy. I hope you will enjoy your stay with us. I am looking forward to many sessions with you. You really are beautiful honey…mhh, I envy your big tits!”

And to Lisa's horror, she grabbed her right tit and started to play with her nipple roughly. As she moaned from the rough treatment of her sensitive nipple she also realized that her tits were totally exposed!

“Oh honey. Look how hard your nipples are getting. Here, let me give the other one a treat too”

With that, she pinched her left nipple and rolled it between her fingers. As the nurse kept playing with her nipples Lisa noticed that her pussy started to get wet and hoped no one would notice. But just as she thought that the nurse released her tits, went to her front and knelt down – out of her sight. She felt the nurse working on her corset and then, after two clicks, the nurse giggled.

“Oh honey…looks like someone is very aroused” – and two her horror she felt the nurse's fingers moving into her indeed very wet pussy. She then spread her wetness all over her pussy, paying special attention to her now very swollen clit. She got up again and showed her her wet fingers.

“What a naughty little girl you are”

Next she moved to her right side and started to rub her pussy. The skilled hands of the nurse brought her to the brink of orgasm in no time.

“Ah. I see why you are here. Just look at you. If I would continue, you would be cumming right away, wouldn’t you? I bet you like that, wouldn’t you? But unfortunately, I am not allowed to let you cum, even though I would love to see you cum for me”

With that she continued the rubbing, bringing her to another edge.

“But the doctor isn’t here yet and nobody has to know…so…would you like me to make you cum? Blink one for yes and three times for no!”

Without hesitation Lisa blinked once.

“Ahhhh….I knew it. Ok. But you have to answer some questions. If I think you told the truth, you will get a nice cum in the end.

Ok. Question one. Do you masturbate every day?” - one blink

“Do you sometimes masturbate more than once a day” - one blink

“Have you ever gone without an orgasm for more than a week” – three blinks

“More than five days?” – three blinks

“More than three days?” – one blink

“So four days is the longest you have ever gone without a nice cum…mhh” She continued to rub Lisa's pussy to another hard edge

“Mhh. Wow. You look really desperate. Have you ever been edged or edged yourself like I just did? – three blinks and a little tear

“So..once you are as close as you are now, you always go straight into orgasm?” – one blink and a desperate look

“Oh honey…isn’t that lovely. Here…let me give you another one of those edges”

She actually gave her three more edges before returning to the questions

“Ha. Your pussy really isn’t used to that, is it? So wet and swollen! Ok… Do you think this is your limit? Do you think you can’t take another edge?” – one blink

“So…you are telling me that you are unable to have another edge?” – one desperate blink

Without any further talking, the skilled fingers of the nurse brought her to another edge anyway. And then another….and another.

“Mhh…. . Looks like you lied to me. You just had three more wonderful edges and you look even more desperate now. Don’t lie to me again or you lose your chance of cumming! So…let’s see. The doctor will be here in 10 minutes. I bet I can give you five more edges before I make you cum. Do you want that? Do you want me to give you five more beautiful edges?” – One slow and tearful blink

“Ah..I knew you wanted more edges”

After her fifth edge in 8 minutes she was now in desperate need for an orgasm – more desperate then she could have ever imagined – far more desperate.

“Ok honey. Since we sadly don’t have more time for edges, you can cum now. But it looks like you really enjoyed those edges, didn’t you?” she said, slowly rolling Lisa's swollen clit between her fingers – and Lisa blinked once (of course lying)

“I knew it! And if we would have more time, you would prefer me keeping you at the edge a little longer over an orgasm right away, wouldn’t you?” – another very untrue blink.

“Ok then…here we go.” With that she started rubbing her pussy again when suddenly a loudspeaker could be heard

“Nurse Sarah. I just want to inform you that the doctor will be half an hour late. Please stay with the new patient during the time.”

The rubbing stopped “Oh! Did you hear that. Lucky you! 30 more minutes to play! That was close, wasn’t it! I almost made you cum there and steal 30 minutes of edging from you. Oh! Isn’t that great!”

All Lisa could do was to cry desperately… .

“Ah…I guess those are happy tears! Ok. I have a new idea. How about I try to make your clit even more sensitive before? That way the edge, once it is there, will be even better. Here..I have my own technique for a big and swollen clit like yours”

She moved out of sight, and returned a brief moment later. For a few moments nothing happened – until she suddenly felt something hit her clit.

“Yes…that ruler is perfect” the nurse mumbled

And then the slapping started. It wasn’t very hard but still a little painful, as nurse Sarah continued to hit her swollen clit with the ruler in rapid movements. Even though each hit hurt, Lisa neared an orgasm again after less than a minute, when Sarah slowed down a little, just to increase the speed again moments later, bringing her close again. After some time Sarah has found the perfect speed to keep Lisa very close to the edge. After 15 minutes she stopped and admired her work. Lisa's eyes were swollen from tears and she had an almost empty glare. But her pussy was an even better sight: Her clit, that had been swollen before, having experienced more desperation than ever before, was now probably twice the seize – an pulsing, angry red and very swollen button. She was leaking pussy juice that dripped to the floor, where a little puddle grew bigger and bigger.

Sarah than coated her finger in Lisa's pussy juice and rubbed it onto her swollen clit which was enough to bring her to a painful edge. The edging was now very easy and every edge was rewarded with an desperate moan as Lisa tried to move away, which was impossible due to the bindings.

“Well. Wasn’t that fun!” Sarah finally said “We have five more minutes, so I guess it’s time for your orgasm now – and I think I just now how. She went to her side again and grabbed her clit between index finger and thumb, rolling and pinching the sensitive button. Just as Lisa was about to explode into the biggest orgasm ever the door opened, the nurse let go of her clit (leaving her right at the very edge of orgasm) and the doctor stormed in “Sorry I’m late….”



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