Octa Presents and Winston Tests: Tease AI

Guides Sep 8, 2020

Hello and welcome to another edition of Octa Presents and Winston Tests! Today we will be trying out the highly detailed tease and JOI software - Tease AI! Tease AI is a highly customizable program with countless templates and settings already available with some light digging on the Internet.

And if you want a more personal experience, you can even tailor and customise it to your needs...

Now let's get started! First, you'll need to download the program:

Download the files you need here

Next, extract the folder to a place on your PC where this folder can stay for a while. Once we install it completely you can’t move the folder anymore or you will need to go through these steps again.
Once done, start up PIC_1

You should get a screen like this.


At the bottom left corner. Fill in your name as Sub Name and why not fill "Octa" in as Domme name? ;)
Now go to the top to interface and make sure to check Side Chat, Lazy Sub and Maximize Media Window.

It should look like this:


Go to File and select Fury


After that it’s time to set up the game.
Go to Settings and press General.
You should be seeing following screen.


You need to set domme images directory to following location that is in your folder: \Tease_JOI_femdom game for EF\Images\Characters\1-Domme-Octa
Please note that there is also included an additional Domme to change with: 4-ReserveDom-Riley
Now go to the Domme tab
fill in as you want
For an example see below
just keep the 2 marked checked so it alligns with this game persona


Now also fill in some of your personal info in the sub tab so the game has some details from you. Here you can also check the "replace" options for when you are a girl which will make this game more towards girls but the game is not optimized for girls unfortunately.
CBT level is standard on 3 and I would suggest to keep it there for the first days you try it.
I would suggest to keep it on 3 and move it to 4 for the pain sluts out there.


Now go to the images tab
Select the "Genre Images" sub tab.
Link every local image folder to the corresponding folder in your extracted folder under “data files”.


Now do this also for Video
you can find it in your extracted folder under "data files/VIDEOS/
Make sure to fill in the left column. The right column you may leave empty


Now Go to Apps tab
Contact 1 name should be Caprice.
Click on "Set Contact1 images directory" and go to your folder \Images\Characters\2-Contact1-Caprice. Select this directory.
Now also click on the grey block just above that button and you can select the profile pic that is in that folder.


When done, also do this for contact 2 and change the Domme name to Octa. Also for Octa you can find a profile pic.
Contract 3 will not be used and you should disable this.
It should look like following if done correctly:


With that, you can close the program and reopen it, so that it restarts with all of your settings loaded up! When you're ready to play, type "hello" in your left text field. When the game asks "Initial setup: Do you want Fury to include cuckolding content?" Reply with "no".
I'll let Winston take over so he can give you his review now.

Phew... this game is INTENSE! As Octa mentioned, it's highly customisable, but for the purpose of the test, I used Octa as the domme and... I can definitely say I had fun! The game can be customised to be as fast or slow as you want, and really the settings are certainly something worth exploring and tweaking with!

Octa's tease should last you a good few months, with daily sessions and different characters joining to reward you for coming back! Try not to leave before the session is over though, or you'll get punished for it. I must say, though... it is kinda awkward jerking off to someone I consider a friend... but she did get me very horny by the end, despite it all...

Is this a great timewaster while you're waiting in matchmaking? My answer is a concrete, rock-hard YES! So don't hesitate to give it a try!



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