The Perfect Daughter II

Erotica Jun 5, 2021

Chapter 2: The Innocent Girl

Milov froze in place trying to analyse the situation:

  • Got mercilessly teased last night: Check
  • Just woke up from an intensely lewd dream about Zofia, his little girl: Check
  • His little girl was jumping on him to wake him up, pulling the sheets off of him: Check
  • His swollen, throbbing and leaking cock was under the sheets, still not understanding that the dream was over: Check

Zofia was talking, her voice fading into the background as Milov panicked, trying to figure out what to do and how to hide his enormous erection. She was talking about all the things that they would do together as she laid down onto the bed next to him. Evidently Zofia had been doing a lot of thinking about what they were going to do with their Saturday.

OH NO! Daddy's girl shopping day! I totally forgot about it!

Milov just could only think about getting his cock soft in front of his girl. But his mind seemed not to have left the dream completely, sexualising every move that Zofia was making. His eyes betrayed him too, looking at certain spots he would usually avoid and seeing thing that weren't really happening.

C' down...damn...she is so close! She is gonna notice it!

"It took me a lot of time to organise this day Daddy, did you forgot about it?!" Zofia said pretending to be mad, knowing that she would still have her day out shopping. Once a month they take a Saturday just for them. Just father-daughter plans.

Milov quickly ran to the bathroom the moment his little girl had left the room. He was upset with himself for his forgetfulness, but right now he didn't have time for that.

Finally with some privacy, Milov jumped into the shower.

His cock, still half-hard, reacted whenever he started to think about last night. Or at least what he thinks it was. Sasha, with her penetrating eyes, looking at him as if he was a toy to break. Tied to the bed with his cock like flag pole, waving.

Restrained and blindfolded...helpless and totally at the mercy of someone else's will, the sensations were completely different.  Thinking of that pleasurable torture made his balls tense.

The whole night felt like a BDSM fantasy that Milov only knew from movies.

My "lovely" wife Sasha...she always was a spiteful woman. Sure, she wanted to punish me for my comment about our sex life, leaving me on denial.

Milov realised that he was slowly jerking thinking of all of that, and decided to take away all of the power that Sasha had over him cumming at that very moment.

After feeling so vulnerable and submissive, in his imagination he was the one in control the whole situation, pounding Sasha as he pleased. Leaving her always on the threshold of orgasm.

Milov imagined fucking his wife from behind; Sasha never allowed him to fuck her ass. Milov was surprised by how easily he reached the edge just thinking about that.

"DADDY!! HURRY UP!! I'm HUNGRY!!" Zofia was calling him from the other side of the door, which in his rush he had forgotten to lock.

Images of his girl crossed his mind at the worst moment imaginable. Suddenly, he found himself pounding his little girl's ass. Just about to fill it with all the load he had stored. The biggest one in his life....

But Milov stopped.

His values ​​forbade it, but for how long? Also, he couldn't possibly be jerking while he was talking to his daughter; "On my way sweety...I'm nearly finished!"

I will end this as soon as we get back home!

With that thought he turned off the hot water and opened the cold one completely. All his showers seems to finish the same way lately. The cold water had the desired effect physically, but an image was carved on his mind...


Shortly after, Milov landed in the kitchen and found his daughter washing the dishes in a...very particular way...

"What are you doing almost naked?" He said, trying to look indifferent. But his eyes scanned her from top to the bottom.

"Hehehe this almost naked to an old man like you? I decide to start our day with a coffee together and I didn't want to wet my new dress washing the dishes, Daddy." Zofia smiled at him.

Milov blinked, adjusting his gaze. He realised that his overly teased mind had tricked him; Zofia was actually wearing more underwear that he initially "saw"...but still not enough for him to not blush and look other way.

They took a quick breakfast in the living room with some chit-chat. For a moment, all seemed like back in the good days. Zofia sitting on the floor as she used to, like a cute little cat. She always seemed more comfortable there than on a couch. Talking about her experiences in the girls boarding school. For a few minutes, he forgot all the crazy things that had happened to him lately.

Luckily for Milov, she never talks much about boys or asks to go to parties. She just goes out with friends, mostly her best friend Nat, to go shopping, to the cinema or just play video games together all night.

When they finish, Zofia took him by his arm and hugged it against her chest. "I hope you rested well last night Daddy, because I have a long shopping day planned!" She screamed enthusiastically.

Half an hour later, they where at the Mall. Summer was about to begin so Zofia seemed very excited about trying all the bikinis she could find and asking for his opinion about every little detail.

She was used to having her dad helping her in the change rooms, and seemingly she didn't realise that she had grown out of that kind of thing. But she wouldn't take no for an answer.

"If you don't see them on me I'll buy the smallest one daddy." The blackmail worked; Milov was always terrified about the young boys lusting after his innocent girl.

He instantly regretted it though...

Gosh! Since when has she had that body!?

But the nature of his girl undressing made him think that maybe he was the one seeing the situation in a lewd way. He tried his best to just act normal when she started to undress.

Milov looked the other way as Zofia's clothes dropped to the floor, but the mirrors were perfectly aligned to show her perfect tight ass. He put his hands in his pockets to dissimulate his hyper-reactive cock, trying his best to look casual.

After trying on and discarding several bikinis Milov was in a living hell. Every one seemed smaller or tighter than the last one.

"No way! Too small!" Milov protested while looking the other way.

Damn mirrors!

"But...Daddy..?" She complained playfully.

"And this one, daddy? It's very comfortable and it hardly exposes any skin, just how you like it."

She turned around and bent over, showing her perfect round cleavage to him.

"Exposing the skin is not the problem," thought Milov, looking at her bouncing breasts being hugged by the fabric.

Zofia moved her hands over her body, she loved the the feeling of the swimsuit against her. Milov didn't know how, but suddenly her magnificent breast popped out in front of his face.  

"Oops! Silly bracelet get caught on the top, sorry Daddy."

Since when were the changing rooms so small!?!?

He felt trapped, with his back against the door and his arousal reaching new heights.

"Okay, okay, take the green one. Oh! Look at the time! We have to get lunch!"  Milov ran out of the changing room as fast as he could.

After a light lunch, Zofia wanted to go to bowling and to the arcade. At least that helped to distract Milov from his thoughts a bit. That was, until his little girl sat on his lap in the Car Race Simulator and she started to recreate all the bouncing and curves over him while playing.

She seemed so focussed on the game that maybe she wouldm't notice his growing cock. But the race was eternal!

  • Lap 1/3: Milov was fully erect, griping the armrest not knowing what to do...
  • Lap 2/3: Zofia missed the road and felt in a gravel trap, making the seat of the car rumble and vibrate...his cock started to leak.

"Oh... I'm so bad at this game...hehe". But losing the race didn't seem to bother her at all.

  • Lap 3/3: this was a perpetual edge. Looking at the remaining distance to the finish line, the only thing that could allow Milov to avoid the orgasm was the idea of being caught like that in a public area. The idea that his load could go through his pants and that Zofia could feel it on her thighs terrified him.


He had to fake a sudden back pain to stay in the car for a while. It took quite a lot of time to his bulge decrease so he could could stand up. But his cock remained sensitive, and every rub against the boxers was a constant tease.

"Daddy, Are you okay? Maybe we should go home and rest."

"Great idea, Honey...lets go home" Milov replied as he walked, bent over and limping.

On the way to the parking lot, he looked at the phone several times, trying to contact Sasha but didn't get a reply.

"Forget about Mom, she'll be back tomorrow as she always is after she gets mad. She doesn't take care of you as well as you deserve," she reassured him, followed by a tight hug. Milov hugged her back but their hips were to close to each other and his cock definitely took notice. He quickly took a step back.

"Daddy, you are acting a bit weird today. Are you alright? Look at me, I'm your little girl, you can tell me everything."

He tried to look at her as his Dad, but his 'denied mind' would only show him the hot young woman she'd become. The sneak peaks he'd taken during their time in the changing room gave him little pieces of his daughter's naked body, and now his mind was putting the pieces together again.

"Daddy just needs a little rest, my dear." Sweating in shame, thinking that this whole situation will end just when he has some privacy.


Now at home, Milov finally had some time for himself. Zofia kissed him on the cheek and ran upstairs to her room. She always watched movies and played video games of a Saturday night. Regular teenagers' stuff.

Usually, he would wait until the rest of the family were asleep to have some fun – something that hadn't happened in two weeks by this point – but today was an exception. He had been waiting all day to jerk to the first good video on Pornhub and cum.

As his sensitive cock grew, so did the pressure in his pants.

Alone in his room, with the door closed – now regretting not putting a lock in the door – Milov logged into his Erofights. He discovered the website recently and the idea really turned him on.  A shiver ran down his spine as he felt both excited...and frightened.

A few days ago, he had worked on his profile and explored some of the public rooms on the site, and by now had even had a few games. Talking and playing with strangers about sex was usually too adventurous for someone like him. He only dared to do a little role play, although his partners had also tempted him to do more things.

"These are real people Milov...are you prepared for this right now?" He said to himself before falling back into his horny state.

But something caught his attention before he could continue to question the morality of what he was doing. A direct message from someone called Little_Flame.

Milov hesitated for a second, but was too horny to think about it too much. It was only a short message.

Little_Flame: I know you are a good Daddy. Want to be mine?

Then, a pic that overloaded Milov's already high arousal level.

" she knows I'm a Dad?" Milov felt exposed by the very though.

With the message was an attached web link.

"These kind of things are always bots fishing naive people into some kind of trick," he thought to himself. But this one was just a link to a channel...

Little_Flame's profile: Young girl searching for a Daddy to please.

Right after opening it, Milov's cock instantly reacted and he felt his whole body clench. The idea of a stranger wanting him turned him on. Seems that the "daddy" thing was just a coincidence, she didn't know him in real life after all.

Milov couldn't resist and clicked on the first one.

"Don't know why she send me this but THANKS!" All of them were short clips, and one after another he almost saw the whole library.

This material is awesome! He wanted to cum with the first one, but his curiosity made him think that maybe the next one could be even better; and indeed it was. Each clip was even better than the previous one. Milov edged and edged for what felt like countless videos.

That body...her moans...he'd never heard something like that. It triggered something inside his mind. Maybe it was his current denied state, but that girl was making him feel hornier than ever before.

DING!! (sounds)

Little_Flame invites you to a Room.

His heart jumped. Milov was shaking. Suddenly all become too real. He never did this kind of stuff before. He watched a lot of porn, of course, but watching videos is different than a real interaction. Is this wrong? Is this cheating?...


Nervously, he clicked it to make the sound stop, opening the private chat room. Milov paniced immediately!

What am I doing?! Well...can't be too bad...WAIT, YES IT IS!...but maybe I can see her completely...

He stopped arguing with himself, turned off his camera just in case, and let his arousal guide him. Wrong or not, this was thrilling!

Her camera was on.

A young girl in panties, too close to the camera to appreciate all of her astonishingly beautiful body. Something felt weird at first, his instincts yelling at him that something was wrong.

But this was the most perfect thing he had ever seen. How can feel so wrong? He tried to convince himself, mesmerised by the view.

'Little_Flame is Typing...'

Milov's mind froze and his cock jumped in anticipation.

Little_Flame: Hi there, Daddy! Hope you liked my videos. Please join me while I masturbate for you. Tell me what you want to do to me, Daddy...

Milov was never aroused by being called 'Daddy' before, but the way she used it and the context had a profound effect on him.

Milov_8: Hello Mrs, I've never been so excited before, I'm craving to cum after watching your vids. I'll be honored to help you!

Milov almost couldn't recognise himself typing this kind of stuff. Even if he didn't use any lewd language, he felt like a kid in a college party.

Little_Flame: Not 'Mrs.', call me your 'Little Girl' and I'll do whatever you imagine.

He only used that words to address Zofia, and in some way it felt like he was betraying her. But they were just bad could it be?

Milov_8: Yes, My Little Girl. I want to see more of you.

Surprisingly, she obeyed him and adjusted her webcam. Now he had a complete view of her incredible body. She was thin but toned, she did not seem very tall, but he didn't have references to be able to tell exactly. She was exceptionally busty for her lithe frame, not exaggerated though; her breasts were perfectly in proportion with the rest of her body.

Milov cought a glimpse of her mouth from time to time. That shiny pink lipstick in her stylised lips fully caught his attention. Their movement was hypnotising. No words were needed to make anyone fall in love with them.

Until she said:

Little_Flame: Daddy...

Milov's cock clenched, shooting a string of precum.

At first, she did all Milov commanded whenever he address to her as My Little Girl. He was trying to tease her and help her to cum, but he was clumsy and his ideas and words did not come out as well as he was hoping.

He had no idea how, but his work was having the desired effect, and her moans were louder. Milov connect his headphones, he didn't want any of this being heard by Zofia.

Hearing her was enough to push him to the edge. Bit by bit without noticing it, the experienced girl had seruptitiously turned the roles and he ended up being the one under control.

Little_Flame: Please...Daddy...lets edge together. Knowing that-t you m...mhm...are as close as me is turning me on much...

Little_Flame: Please Daddy, edge for me again! Please, I want to see more precum! Don't cum yet Daddy, you have to cum with your little girl.

Milov_8: My...Girl...I don't know how much longer...

Milov was struggling to ride the edge without coming now.

Little_Flame: Please Daddy, show me your huge cock. I want to see it, feel it...and cum for it. AaHh...Daddy...I want to see you are as close as me. MmMhmm...I want-t to see that cock throbbing and leaking for its Little Girl...

No one had begged him like that in his life. Nor had anyone made him feel so desired as right now. Milov was so horny that he accepted without thinking. He turned on his webcam after aiming it at his cock.

Little_Flame: big...Daddy I'm about to cum....edge with me!

How many edges have I already made? I just want to cum so did I end up like this? Horny but frustrated, Milov continued on as many times as Little_Flame desired. He could have ended at any time but he didn't want to ruin this unique experience. He'd been tested to the limit, just a bit more though...

Little_Flame: Daddy are you ready? I count for you to finally CUM for your little girl. 8...7...6...5............4......

The screen suddenly turned off.

Milov was at his peak, trying to resist until Little_Flame cummed and suddenly the whole house went dark. He could hear how his computer slowly shut down. The fuse box jumped or some kind of electrical problem. DAMN!

Milov could hear steps approaching to his room. ZOFIA!!

He just had time to put his pants up again before Zofia burst into the room without knocking.


Milov's cock clenched and his eyes widened.

"What happened!?!" Her voice sound frightened.

Milov's eyes were not used to the dark yet. Luckily for Milov, in the dark she maybe wouldn't notice that he was sweating, breathless and with an enormous erection pulsating in his pants while she talks.

"Daddy?" His cock clenched again.

"The house is all dark. What do you think has happened?" She asked walking towards him. His cock twitched with the sound of that word.

"What's happening?"  That confused Milov even more. Now that he had adjusted to the darkness of the room he could see that Zofia was topless.

His eyes widened without being able to avoid it. Milov couldn't tell if he was leaking or cumming for real from the view alone.

"Oh sorry Daddy," another clench and more precum relieved any doubt.

"I was putting on my pajamas when the blackout..."

He was trying to think. "Don't worry my girl, I'm going to check the fuses."

After a few minutes the lights turn up again, during which time he insisted that Zofia stayed inside the house.

"Please Daddy..."


"May I sleep with you tonight? I'm a bit scared after all of this."

With all of the thoughts flying around, Milov's head felt like an angry hornet's nest.

I want to cum so bad...what could have happened to Little_Flame?...Don't look at Zofia's breasts...Will I be able to pick up the situation with Little_Flame where we left off?...I need to cum...Zofia's breast...

He could not think a of a decent excuse to say no, so Zofia took his silence as a yes. She ran upstairs to his bedroom. Milov trudged up the same set of stairs after her, fearing the situation he would have to face that night.

At least, when he arrived she finally wearing a bra.

"I Hope you don't mind if I sleep like this Daddy..."


"The weather channel said that tonight will be one of the hottest nights of the year."

"Indeed" Thought Milov, totally defeated by the recent set of chaotic events.

"C'mon Daddy..."

Yet another clench, his cock even leaking a little this time.

"Come to the bed and hug me, please. I was so scared!"

"You should cum when you have the opportunity!" Milov thought looking at his lil' girl on the bed. Now the word Daddy makes him feel ashamed and horny all at the same time.

He laid on the bed trying to keep some distance but Zofia pulled herself close, especially her butt...



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