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The Wrestling Ring - Updated Guide

Guides Aug 6, 2022

Welcome to the new and updated guide to The Wrestling Ring (TWR) mode here on Erofights. While we still have additional changes in the works, we wanted to let everyone know about what has already been done, and help you, the player, enjoy a better experience in the mode, as well as let folks know how our mode is different from others.

To start, we'd like to introduce ourselves, the maintainers of TWR.
Ben Steele (aka Ben with Pants,) who took over, alongside Houser from the originator of the mode, Overseer upon his departure and has been slowly plodding along in the background since, keeping things from falling apart.

Lumbersnack, the newest addition to the maintainer team for TWR, but also the most energetic, driving the changes we're undergoing and almost single-handedly bringing ~300 new actions to the mode.

We would like to thank everyone who plays, comments, offers suggestions and critiques on the mode.  In the past 6 months we’ve made significant additions to the system, finally hitting 900 actions as of August 1st, and we're not done yet.

Some things are still somewhat in flux, in particular, older moves that have been around a long time may change to line up with the newer ones when it comes to stats.

The first big change people will notice is the 'Skip to round 2 option' available in the first action set. This is NOT balanced for competition, and is mostly for people who want quick, kinky fun. Use at your own risk.

Round one actions featuring the new Skip to round 2 Beta option.
We mean it when we say beta. No Money Back

Next we are trying to give you a better expectation of what an action does, by where it falls in the selections.

The Slots, from top to bottom, 1-3, get increasingly more difficult and are able to impact your opponent more, at a greater cost to yourself.

Slot 1 will have little to no damage and often recover energy.
Slot 2 will be light attacks with damage generally at 1 life point.
Slot 3 will be the Heavy attack with damage at 2 Life points.

Three slots showing the different levels of attack strength
Free Action to recover, a Light Attack, and a Heavy Attack

In other standardisations, to perform a cumtest on your opponent, you will need at least 3 energy, or 4 for a special.

We also have an additional use of the built in test mechanic that is NOT a cum test, but a submission test. While all tests will have the ~ indicator in the preview, the action name should make the difference clear.

Make her tap out submission test
Not a Cum Test, A Submission Test!

Sexual Cumtests do 25 Base Damage
Special Cumtests do 35 Base Damage
Submission tests do 12 Base Damage
Tap out, w/out a test does 6 Damage

For the best experience, we recommend both players have Female domination, Male Domination, and Pain Kinks selected. In particular, for those interested, the pain kink is the primary one used on Physical wrestling moves, and not selecting it will drastically reduce the available 'actual wrestling' that can occur.

Additionally available (optional) kinks include: Feet, CBT, Anal Male, Anal Female, and Tickling.

-Ben Steele & Lumbersnack