EF Americas Tournament: Round 2!

Games Jun 30, 2021

With round 1 being done quick as a flash, we come quickly to round 2. Our fighters have already proven themselves to be formidable to make it this far. Let’s see what they get up to next!

First up, we saw Mara taking on Ben Steele!

From the get go, the dirty talk coming from these two was delicious, teasing each other as they strip, along with some hypno moves to make each other do as they're told and worship their partner's bodies. The detail Ben gives as he describes what he would do and is doing to her makes you blush!

Trying to make the other cum and finding little ground, Mara traps Ben's cock in-between her tits and her bra and brings him to orgasm between her heavenly mounds. Recovering, Ben goes on the defensive route, taking a breather before Mara gets her mouth around his cock. Before long though, Mara is bound and fucked hard in a full nelson, wrenching a guttural orgasm from her overstimulated sex.

At 1 all, it is anyone's game now. Picking herself up fast, Mara moves to bind and ride Ben hard, moving her hips so hypnotically, you could get lost in her. Which is exactly what Ben did, as he couldn't withstand her tight pussy, cumming hard inside her, declaring Mara the winner!

See these two flirt and tease each other to distraction here.

The next match took place between Ben Bravo and Diane.

With the lineup we have, both fighters will have to take each other on twice to see who progresses to the next stage. Diane has nothing but sheer confidence as they begin their duel, with Ben ready to take her on with no holds barred.

They tease each other relentlessly, running their hands over their bodies and moving into some risque bondage as they fight for dominance. Soon, Diane has her lips around his cock, rubbing and sucking it greedily, eventually pushing into a blowjob with eye contact. Ben resists this and fucks her mouth back and the fight goes on!

Getting hotter and rougher, they fuck each other and give their all to get each other off. Diane is fucked hard, letting her moans fill the room as Ben fills her. Railing her with all he has, she resists time after time and soon has her under him, squatting down and cowgirl riding him until he can’t take anymore, surrendering his orgasm to Diane, all over her face.

Despite shooting that huge load, Ben immediately counters and traps her in a bearhug, holding and fucking her hard. Diane, completely taken aback as to how he moved quite so fast, somehow manages to fuck him back and resist his attack. Both sexfighters take a short break and Diane gets behind him, reaching around to give him a vigorous handjob. After a hard fought battle, Ben can hold out no more and cums once again, giving this win to the amazing Diane!

This fight can be viewed in its entirety here.

Given that this led to a tie-break, our two fighters immediately set up a new game and commenced battle.

Having showered and refreshed, Ben and Diane waste no time as Ben begins to undress her, taking Diane’s delicious teasing in his stride. Managing to collar and undress her, Ben takes the more aggressive route, not allowing anything to stand in his way this time. Taking advantage of the situation, he makes Diane choke on his dick and gives her some rough treatment.

As they heat up once more, toying with one another, Diane finds herself getting fucked hard over and over, struggling to keep control until she clamps her lips around his throbbing manhood, sucking him to the first orgasm of the match, reclaiming the lead. But Ben has stamina to spare as he fucks her ass hard, making her cum on his cock.

With the next orgasm being the deciding vote, each fighter goes for it, doing all they can to make each other cum. Diane rides him hard, Ben rails her from behind, neither of them gives in. The furious tempo and sexual tension makes blood run hot as they don’t stop, until Ben gets Diane into a spoon and chokes her as he fucks her, finally pushing her over the edge and makes her give her orgasm to him.

In redemption and victory, Ben informs the crowd of a bet that was discussed with himself and Diane. Loser gets used and fucked, the crowd decides if that happens. Three guesses what the crowd chose. The first two don’t count. Diane was used and fucked for the pleasure of the victor and the audience, used in a humiliating yet sensational fashion as she is made to cum once more and submit to the winner!

See all that and more here.

Next up, we witness JayJay take on Shirley.

This one opens up with two amazing sexfighters, fighting for the right to advance to the finals. With some indicated previous history, these two warriors take to the ring to settle things, once and for all. This match was one of the few that took place when I was actually awake, so it was a thrill to see this first hand.

Wasting no time, they pull each other’s pants and underwear off, getting re-acquainted with each other as JayJay goes down on Shirley, followed by Shirley then taking his length deep into her mouth. The competitive trash talk is high right from the start, trying to get into each other’s heads as they do battle.

Soon, the action heats up as Shirley calls over the gorgeous Amethyst to help her suck Jay’s cock, giving him something of a challenge to withstand as they pleasure him. But Jay soon shakes Ama off and fucks Shirley’s throat, followed by pounding her into the ground. The fight is on now, as our fighters go at each other, licking and fucking and sucking, goading each other as they try to best the other.

Shirley gets on top and rides Jay hard, holding his hands and letting her hips speak for her. And Jay soon feels his resolve falter as he succumbs to her pussy, cumming hard inside her. Jay, however, switches tactics, by initiating a gang bang. Now, I wish I could say I held to my journalistic integrity and just took notes... but who could resist that offer?

Clambering in, I grabbed Shirley’s tits and wrapped them around my cock, using her body as she was fucked by as many men as she could take. Lord, the sensation of her soft, voluptuous breasts on me, I shan't forget that in a hurry... But I digress. With all the built up tension, Shirley wasn't able to hold back as she cums hard on our cocks.

After an intense amount of cumming for all involved, I retake my seat and watch as Jay gets a second wind, using it to put Shirley to the test not once, not twice, not thrice but four more times. Fucking her hard, licking her deeply, she took it all. But you could tell it was taking a toll on her. Shirley takes it all and fights back, trying to stroke Jay to orgasm, but he gets her back on his cock and this time, she can’t hold back, cumming all over his hard cock. The win goes to JayJay, leaving Shirley wrecked and at the mercy of the audience. In and of itself, the aftermath was fun. Myself and a few other gentlemen took pleasure in using Shirley once the match was settled. With this match concluded, we approach the end of round 2!

You can see this intense match on all it's glory here.

As the semi-finals marches on, we bear witness to Micheal taking on Chaste for a place in the final.

Chaste sets the scene in a candy shop. I can just hear 50 Cent rapping in the background. Even though that song is... 19 years old now. I swear, I'm getting older faster than I should be...

Back to our scene. Michael likes what he sees behind the counter and I don't mean the candy, though Chaste is as sweet as can be. Getting her around the counter, he introduces her to some candy he's packing in his trousers. Chaste seems to like it and has to lock up the shop before she samples him further. Soon, our fighters to with each other, getting more aroused with each passing second.

It didn't take long for Chaste and Michael to lose their clothes and for lust to take over, as Chaste is fucked on the counter after tit fucking his big, thick cock. Wanting to keep him as a pet, and needing to punish him for cuffing her and fucking her, she locks him up and tries to control her new pup. Michael, however, puts on a strap-on and fucks Chaste hard again. Taking his cock into her tits, she tests him and he hold back, returning the favour by finger fucking her to orgasm!

Chaste is rocked by this but pulls back and tell Michael he was a bad boy and strokes him hard and fast, making him cum in his cage. Pleasure overtaking both of them, Chaste humps her pillow and Michael takes his chance, fucking her hard from behind with the strap on and making her cum, claiming the victory for his team!

See this salacious goodness right here.

With some scheduling issues sorted, we came to see a tiebreaker between JayJay and Shirley.

With Shirley eager for revenge and JayJay eager to keep his win streak going, they attack each other, pulling off clothes fast as Shirley grabs Jay's cock and gives him an aggressive handjob. Setting the pace quickly, there are no holds barred as they toy with each other, trying to get into each other's heads as they discuss their past fights, specifically the last match that saw Shirley's defeat. Fucking and sucking with all they have, Jay gets Shirley in a mating press and fucks her to squirting orgasm on the floor!

Shirley immediately evens up the scores by trapping Jay's cock in her thighs and makes him cum for her, bringing them to even footing once again. A big risk is taken as Shirley slides his cock into her ass and desperately tries to make him cum... to no avail. Jay resists her and flips the situation, fucking her into Ahegao. Shirley holds back all she can but is overwhelmed and made to cum all over his cock once again!

A fairly short but intense battle for these two warriors as we see the path to the finals now laid out before us.

Want to see this match? Of course you do, so click here!

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