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EF Community Press Briefing

News Jun 14, 2023

May was a month. Of all the months we get in a year, May was one of them.

But what happened in the month of May?

No, not out in the real world; we don't talk about that. Here on EF. That's where it's really at.

Well, I'm so glad you asked, because I'm going to tell you.

Our experts in the hentai team came up with an awesome new action pack. Released on the 2nd of May, this pack introduced a whole host of orcs and goblins to the hentai mode of EF. For 200 EF coins, you can get access to 178 actions full of green lewdness. So go get it. Right now. I'll wait.

The following day, we had a big update concerning the rules of Role-playing in our little community. On this date, the 3rd of May, clarity was brought forth, and it was announced that the code of conduct would be updated to show that death and violence are Forbidden in public games on EF.

But our Role-playing community is one of the best there is. No doubt. So, with these changes being planned, we also introduced a new Role-playing section on our Forum. You can see that right here. There are some rules to read there, but death and violence are allowed in this area of EF.

Next up is our Lovense collaboration. We hit an all-time high with that one. 55% off of Lovense toys. Which is like 5500% off when adjusted for inflation. The 3rd of May marked the final day of the EF promotion with Lovense. If you missed out… well, damn. Sorry.

A huge thank you to everyone that used our link to go to Lovense for some goodies. And to those that supported and continue to support us on Patreon.

Remember the 5th of May?

I don't. Not really. But I DO remember that we had another new action pack that day. The wrestling ring game mode saw the introduction of a JAV pack. And this one was free. FREE!

One of my favourite words.

If you didn't see this yet, just mosey on over to the actions page to activate this pack.

On the sixth day of May, we got ourselves a lovely little blog post. Lumberjack brought to us the updated guide for The Wrestling Ring game mode. You can check that out right here.

Next up, our second blog post of the month. Winston brings forth an article going into some detail about the upcoming (at the time) classic mode tournament of 2023. Where can you see that? Right here.

The 20th came by and graced us with a most excellent interview with EF's resident Foxy boi… also known as Foxy. Also known as EvilThorn. Also known as The Tackler. Also known as the hecking cutest fluffy fox. Read this lovely little piece by clicking here. Yeah, yeah. Click it. Click it hard. Harder. Oh yeah, that's it.

Fast forward to the 23rd of May, when the aforementioned change to the code of conduct was set in stone. Be sure to brush up on the code of conduct from time to time, folks. Always good to know what the rules are.

On the following day, the 24th, we sit with Romantic, a seasoned tourney veteran on the EF scene. Read this little diddy, right…ummmm… oh, right here.

The 27th of May. One last blog post before we rounded the month out. The classic tournament was drawing closer, and people were anxious to know when they could sign up. Winston dropped this juicy blog post on us to let all know where to sign their names to get in on the hot and spicy action!

That one is found right here.

Finally, it brings me great pleasure to announce that LumberJack has been awarded Contributor of the Month. 53 actions. In one month. Wow!!

And that, my darlings, was May in EF. Full of wonders and excitement. And lewdness. Y'all are freaky as fuck, and we love it.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months. I'm sure someone will remind me to do this again later on.

Probably. We'll see.



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