EroPets: Born to be Wild

Games Mar 23, 2022

Welcome again to yet another tournament report by your favorite people from the blogging crew! This will be the final post for Round 1 and we're here to see out the last two matches before Round 2 begins in earnest!

Please enjoy...

Evilthorn took on Aliss'a Puppy Lucia

As round 1 comes to a conclusion, we see Evilthorn against Alissa, both battling on behalf of their Master's. The Fox swiftly rubs his opponent's pussy through her panties as his opening gambit, followed by Lucia's suggestion of putting on a show as she makes him take his shirt off. Within a few swift moves, Lucia has Evil nude and is ready to pounce on him and claim his body for Alissa. Evil, on the other hand, dresses Lucia in something extra, adorning her neck with a collar and leash. Good fit for a puppy, but despite the intense blushing on her face, she quickly gets Evil tied to a chair and bound in place.

Pressing the tip of her heels against his dick, she utilises his weakness and tries to break his will, whilst taunting him as she points out she deliberately didn't tie the rope too tight. Pouncing free, he pulls her pants and top down, stripping her to just her underwear. They get more aggressive with each other, as he uses a ring gag to make her suck his cock and she teases him with her salacious body, before getting rougher as she pulls on his balls as he makes her suck. The struggle for dominance becomes more intense, neither one backing down as they suck and lick and fuck each other. Lucia calls in Alissa for help and they double team Foxy, riding his face and cock as they keep him held down. But he proves his strength, breaking free and countering. However, getting lost in pleasure, Lucia jumps back on top and bounces on his cock hard and fast. His efforts to slow her down and hold back his orgasm were in vain, surrendering his orgasm as he cums inside her. Weakened but not beaten, he takes control of her and chokes her whilst fucking her, making him cum all over his cock.

Both panting, Lucia tries to use her feet to distract Evil whilst she recovers. But he smells victory as he pulls her close, grabbing her throat and thrusting back into her, going right back to choking and fucking her, refusing to let her have a moment to cool down. Despite having just came (and with a 16% chance to cum), she cums once more under his assault and creams on his cock, yielding the match to Evilthorn!

With this victory in hand, Evilthorn goes on to fight Alissa in the finale of round 1. See this fight in all it's details right here.

Alissa Meets Evilthorn in the ring

Teasing as always, Alissa gets a loving kick in before the match starts, causing some arousal in Evil, as well as a noted drop in resistance early on. Sucking on a dildo to tease him further, Foxy tries to regain the upper hand, slapping his opponent in the face with said dildo. Giggling, she sits in his lap and has him undressed before you can blink, shortly followed by undressing herself and showing her sensual body harness off, hiding not much at all. Turning up the heat, they both end up gagged as they vie for first place, with Alissa already a little inside Foxy's head. He gets tied down shortly after tasting her sweet pussy, helpless to resist as she soon pulls him in for an intimate fuck. Riding him, whispering sexy sweet nothings into his ear, Evil is almost paralyzed by lust and arousal. Her pussy grips his cock perfectly as he tries some tickling to fight back or at least slow her down. So early on in the fight and Alissa is intent on owning Evil's mind, body, soul... and cum.

She rides him hard, trying to take his orgasm as her own desire builds. Foxy withstands but he knows he's in trouble. Still tied in place, he thrusts his hips under her and tries to make her cum too, lost in the bliss that is her body. She takes everything he gives and then some, using the movements of his body to ride him harder and make him cum deep inside her pussy, helpless to resist as he moans in sheer ecstasy. As he tries to thrust deeper once more and make her orgasm, she rides it out and pulls off, taking her strap-on out to complete the domination of Evilthorn. In sub-space and an orgasmic haze, Foxy obeys as Alissa takes her strap and gets ready to fuck him... only to find her own ass stuffed as he steals the strap and fucks her with it, making her cum hard, filling the air with her lewd moans!

Impressed by his resilience, she falls to her knees, only to take his cock into her mouth and start sucking him relentlessly, running her tongue all around the tip and shaft, bringing Evil to heaven and back over and over. Unable to even look away, he falls to pleasure and just moan as she has her way with him. Moving down, she reaches his ass and licks deeply, stroking his cock feverishly with her hand, pushing his body for one final orgasm. Spent and drunk on pleasure, he surrenders his seed and cums all over her face, giving himself and the fight to Alissa.

Defeated and claimed, Evilthorn becomes Alissa's pet as we approach the finale of round 1. See this test of pleasure take place here.

The final fight of round 1 puts Michael against Charly

Getting right to the fun stuff, Michael ties Charly up and throws her onto the bed, set on taking exactly what he wants. She simply smiles and sucks his cock with his pants on, content with her current lot in life. He undresses her as she continues to tease him, showing off her tongue skills. Throbbing at the sight of this, she takes her chance and sucks him again, taking his shaft deep before sucking his balls. Teased to distraction, he undressed her and himself whilst she sucks on a dildo, watching his shirt come off. Showing each other who's boss, they get faster with each other, resulting in her delicious ass grinding in his lap, only to immediately be spanked for not being a good girl. Being so close to her pussy, he picks her up and holds her as he fucks her, going for an early game orgasm. She rides him until she can escape, dictating that he may only fuck her tits for now, wrapping them around his engorged shaft.

As they continue to test each other's limits and establish who is in charge, Charly gets her lips around his cock and gives him an amazing eye-contact blowjob. Pulling away and resisting, it becomes an all out cum test frenzy, each fighter trying to break the other and seal an early advantage. Despite tying her up and vibing her clit, she doesn't give in. And a double assjob from Charly and a friend of hers doesn't produce results. Eventually, she gives him more than can be handled as she rides him reverse cow girl, making him cum deep inside her. Moaning as he fills her, he soon turns the tables as he grabs her in a camel clutch fuck and pounds her to orgasm, levelling the playing field once again!

Playing coy with each other, switching roles with each passing move, they fuck each other mercilessly, both resisting their opponent's attempts at forcing an orgasm. Fucking and fingering each other's holes, Charly found herself tied and vibed more than once, making her pussy overly sensitive as she found herself trapped under a vibrator for a third time. She had blown him to the edge and was sure she could take him... but her body couldn't handle the pleasure, as she cums hard, ending the match in Michael's favour.

Charly becomes a cumslut for the audience and round 1 of The EroPets tournament comes to an end. See the finale take place here.

Now, the dreaded waiting, as we eagerly await the beginning of round 2 and the glorious fights that will take place as pets begin to serve their new Masters. Come back for more of that as it happens!



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