European Regionals: Round 1

Games Jul 20, 2022

The Americas has ended but already, we're neck deep in matches from our European sex fighters!

Get settled, maybe take off some layers of clothing, because it's about to get steamy in here as we catch up on the latest matches and see who's come out on top and who's been fucked into submission.

Before we begin, let's have the fixture list laid out!

Linlin Mira & MorkyMork Vs Maverick & The Queen Ariana

Lord Milov & Jeanne Vs Amathyst & The Merchant

Mistic & Poki Vs Demon Goddess Eva & Purple Guy

Eggo & Sunny Vs Romantic & Daliah

Match 1: Linlin Mira Vs Maverick

Bumping into each other on a train to EF, Linlin spots Maverick on his phone, checking his emails. Recognising him, she sits next to him, close enough for Maverick to get his fingers caught in her waistband and pull her pants down. Taken aback by such an initial move, Linlin smiles and pulls his pants down. Rules don't say our fighters can't have a match on a train, so it looks like this is going down now. He takes her panties down, allowing her girl cock to swing free in front of his Mav's face. He helps her cool off after that by tearing her top open.

As the train pulls out, she falls to her knees and uses the chance to get her lips around his nice cock, blowing him. Mav shows appreciation for this by helping her remove her bra as she bobs up and down on his cock. Mira then decides to use a different seat on the train... Mav's face. Getting settled, she makes him lick her ass as she gets comfortable. They both flex their cocks as Mav takes off his shirt, causing Mira to masturbate at the sight of him. She wraps Mav up in her arms and legs, leading him to struggle free and rub his cock all over her face in the process. In the scramble for control, they end up in an erotic 69, sucking each other slowly, each thrusting into each other's mouths.

Mira teases Mav as she pulls her cock out of her mouth and swings it in front of his face, only for him to fuck her mouth in retort. She fingers his ass to try and catch him off guard but he seems to be prepared for her tricks as he keeps fucking her face. They take a moment, enjoying some mutual masturbation before Mav throws her down and slides deep into her ass, making her feel every inch of his impressive length. She gets free and shows off her flexibility in a bridge blowjob, sucking him hard and catching him in a moment of weakness, making him cum all over her face.

Mav eats her ass whilst she pinches her nipples, then he bends over and presents his own ass, begging her to fuck to fuck his ass. She resists the temptation, then leans in and slides her girlcock into his tight little ass. He manages to slap her ass as she fucks him before she pushes him onto his back and settles down on his rigid member, riding his dick hard. Enjoying her little bounce, she soon jumps off and starts blowing him again.

Over in the audience, the sense of anticipation was tremendous...

The fun to be had when betting takes place and the crowd is eager to see who comes out on top.

Wanting to give something back, Mav gets behind Lin and fucks her whilst kissing her, trying to make her cum but missing the mark. As she takes control of the pace, Poki comes in from the audience and they gang up on poor Mav, licking his balls as she bounces on his cock. The sheer pleasure overwhelms him and he cums again, getting completely drained by the terrible twosome.

Given some punishment choices, Mav chooses to ride her out for the rest of the journey whilst she cools her cock down with ice cubes, keeping cool but still stiff. Letting Mav impale himself on her cock, he sits in her lap and rides her for the remainder of the rather long train journey. Defeated with some surprise orgasms, Linlin takes the win in our first battle of the tournament. See the header up above to read the entire log.

Match 2: Lord Milov Vs Amathyst

Our combatants get settled in as Ama flashes her panties to Milov, which leads to him taking down his pants as he gets prepared for his first time with a cultist. She kisses him against a wall as they get to know each other better, whilst he slips his fingers under her dress. She takes his boxers down, declaring them completely unnecessary. Milov agrees and does the same to her, only removing her dress instead. She wasn't wearing boxers. In any case, she flashes her tits and assures Milov he'll be rock hard and ready to be used in a multitude of ways before long. He agrees whilst sliding her panties off of her. She teases him as he admires her hips, showing off her thigh-high socks as she rubs against his cock, asking him for a facial to help his throbbing cock unload all over a pretty face, covered in spit and pre-cum or a throat and face to fuck... damn, excuse me whilst I take a cold shower myself...

She keeps the pressure up with some of the most delicious dirty talk I've seen or heard, then grinds her ass against him to keep his cock nice and hard. He counters by getting his cock on her lips, then switches up and tastes her pussy. Ama's teasing just keeps getting hotter, her determination to overwhelm him with horniness being her only goal at that moment. Milov teases her by running his hands and fingers and tip over her pussy but never entering her, whilst she talks about how she'll have his cock dripping inside her before long. Even the audience is at a loss for words at how slutty Ama's dirty talk is. Milov soon can't resist and starts gently fucking her, getting a brief experience of how good her pussy is.

She lets herself be fucked whilst continuing to lay the dirty talk on thick, then enjoys Milov's tongue as he lifts her up and holds her against a wall as he gives her oral pleasure. Once she finds her footing, she uses said feet to try and make Milov cum. He resists and makes her gag on his thick cock, which doesn't stop her from flooding his mind with dirty talk in between sucks. She then goes for a dreaded thighjob but Milov isn't ready to give her what she seeks, taking this chance to slide back into her and fuck her hard from behind. Whispering naughty talk into her ear whilst Ama gives her own, she feels it build up inside her whilst getting fucked and ends up squirting in a powerful orgasm under Milov!

Taking it in stride, she keeps telling him how good it would be to have a little nymph riding his cock, still eager to drain him this way. The audience keeps whispering 'advice' to the fighters, telling Ama to cum for Milov and never worry about anything again, each gambler in the crowd trying to make sure their bet is the one that comes out on top. She simply teases Milov with the idea of an oily titfuck, with her tongue licking the pre cum off of his tip. Sadly, it doesn't fully sink in as he's too distracted by her bouncing on his cock. She turns up the dial and starts squatting cowgirl all over his cock, driving him wild and unable to resist as he cums inside her, granting her what she has been going for since the match began.

Ama rubs her clit as Milov strokes his shaft, getting hard for her again when he hears he may still have a chance to experience her ass. Hearing this, he hops back into action and gets some help from a friend, both of them using her like a sex toy and impaling Ama on a couple of cocks. She handles them both, then gets back on top of him, riding and smothering him, telling him that she will have his cum because it is hers. He resists the riding and they both take some strategic short breaks, then Milov declares that his next move will be the final one to break Ama and make her cum one last time. With that, he fucks her so relentlessly hard and fast, it feels like she's getting fucked by multiple cocks all at once. The crowd all but begs her to resist but she can't handle Milov's raw power and cums hard on his cock once again.

The crowd both grumbles and cheers, as we had a selection of winners and losers of tokens spectating this one. But Milov feels like the true winner as he finally claims her ass and fucks her one last time, securing his victory in our second tournament match, Read the smut-filled log by clicking the header above.

Match 3: Mistic Vs Demon Goddess Eva

Moving on to match 3! Mistic, the lone wild card entry to the tournament from Asia versus the EroPets tournament runner-up Eva! Rookie versus veteran, mortal versus demon, and now let's see who shall emerge triumphant...

And the audience is definitely ready for this!

After the initial taunting, our competitors engage in the traditional EroFights greeting - stripping each other! Eva tries to tease Mistic, who isn't having any of it, forcing her down and fucking her hard immediately, but the Demon Goddess recovers easily, pinning him in turn and exploiting Mistic's vulnerable rear...

With nobody staying down for long, Mistic keeps up his energetic strategy, manhandling Eva at every turn, spanking her ass hard while Eva tries to slow things down, donning her latex gloves for what is to come...

Only to get a buttplug inserted in her for her trouble! With Mistic in control of the match thus far, will Eva be able to recover? Find out in the next.... sentence! Getting overly confident, Mistic tries to tame the Demon Goddess' mind through hypnosis... which immediately gives Eva her opening, stroking Mistic's exposed cock~!

The sexual exchanges become a bit more even now, with the butt plug removed, the fucking commences, but the devious Eva finds the time to tease Mistic's aggressive advances, taking him in her mouth in an attempt to wear her opponent down.

And after all of this... it transpires that Mistic hasn't even taken off his shirt! After the initial flurry of sexual activity, the battle slows down, and the two opponents come together gently, fingering and copulating tenderly.

Which provides the opening for Eva's latex gloves! Teasing Mistic with a gloved handjob, Mistic is quickly encouraged back to the offensive. Forcing her to ride his cock, but that's exactly what Eve was counting on...

Milking Mistic's cock for all she's worth, all the furious aggressive play backfires on him as he cums hard in Eva's pussy! Not to be disheartened, he continues to pound into Eva, who merely takes the desperate retaliation in stride.

With both sexfighters exhausted, both disengage - one happier than the other - and attempt to recover from the rigours of the match. In an attempt to even the scores, Mistic turns Eve's fixation on latex on herself, trapping her in a latex vibe!

Unfortunately, she holds on yet again, and escalates the matter by putting on her strap-on! However, getting very aroused, she starts playing with herself instead of pressing the attack: which gives Mistic a chance to use the latex vibe once again - and this time succeeds in breaking his opponent!

With the scores now even, the match slows down once more... not! Mistic resumes the attack immediately, but the Demon Goddess is made of sterner stuff it seems, taking her pounding stoically.

....well, for a while at least, but it doesn't take long for her will to simply be overpowered by Mistic's overwhelming onslaught!

And that's the end of that! With Mistic's victory, it falls to Eva's partner Purple Guy to save the fixture against Poki! Good luck!

Match 4: Morky Vs The Queen Ariana

And now we shift our attention to two tournament newcomers, Morky and Ariana! With Linlin's dominant victory over Maverick, Morky now has to seal qualification to round 2 for the team by winning this match! Will he be able to do it? We'll see...

Sizing each other up, Morky decides to tease Ariana's body a little, while his opponent goes for the more direct approach, removing Morky's pants. Responding in kind, the two go bottomless as the temperature heats up!

Quite the contrast from our previous match, this one definitely starts very slowly, with kisses and fondling galore, culminating in Ariana taking Morky in her mouth. Which she finds... hmm, quite appealing...

But it turns out to be a ruse, and the ropes come out to play as Ariana ties Morky up! Or is it Morky, that tied Ariana up? Hmm, it's all very confusing and very very knotty...

With all the soft groping and sucking going on, you'd be forgiven if you mistook the match for a simple lovemaking scene... until Morky takes the initiative, penetrative Arianna anally, officially ending the foreplay stage of the match~!

Ariana gets filthy too, taking Morky's throbbing cock into her mouth, but Morky resists the pop star's throat, fucking it roughly to teach her a lesson! Not to be deterred, Ariana continues her assault, titfucking the ever-resilient Morky!

Trying to stem the rising tide of pleasure, Morky counterattacks, fingering Ariana and giving back some pleasure in turn, following it up with an anal attack that gives him the lead, and Ariana a very very wet anal orgasm~!

...Unfortunately, in doing so, he's worked himself up, and all Ariana needed to do was rub her luscious thighs around Morky's cock and... well, I think this gif will explain it...

Things get messy now. Morky presses on, slamming into Ariana, determined to break her, and she fucks him with a strapon in turn. Both sexfighters use each other's holes, pushing each other to the limit.

Morky does not relent, working both of Ariana's holes, but the petite pop star proves resilient, taking everything Morky can dish out. After Ariana attempts to win the tie with a footjob, things calm down a bit as both competitors catch their breath.

...Well, at least Ariana does, as Morky plays the part of the queen's throne, licking up her nectar meekly. Any attempt at rebellion, however, was quelled swiftly enough, with Ariana riding Morky silly, before jerking him off, working him over...

...And that's when things cum to a head, as Morky breaks free and pushes Ariana face down into the sheets, pounding her and succeeding in breaking the Queen's will in a messy climax!

Job done - with this victory, Morky and Linlin become the first team to qualify for round 2, and Ariana and Maverick are thus relegated to the Jobber's Cup...

Match 5: The Merchant Vs Jeanne

Both sexfighters enter this match with qualifications in the balance. The Merchant has to win to keep his team in the running while Jeanne must triumph to secure passage to Round 2. Jeanne comes into the match with a big reputation - 30 Hentai titles and 2o-times Guardian of the Hill. The Merchant in comparison... has a more... let's say, modest record.

Jeanne predictably, opens dominantly, teasing Merchant, begging to be spanked. The teasing takes no time at all to escalate, with Jeanne already on her knees, and Merchant's pants on the floor.

Merchant, however, is equal to the teasing - keeping his cock out of reach and tempting Jeanne to crawl after her prey. But it only takes a little wiggle of her hips to have Merchant stomping back her way.

It's Merchant who is now on his knees, pulling down Jeanne's panties for her as she played with her tight rear. Long enough for Merchant to take over and slip a finger in instead.

Taking advantage of Jeanne's compromising position, Merchant tries to put her under his spell, using his cock to put her under hypnosis... but Jeanne entices him with her ass instead.

Evenly matched, the two sexfighters wrap around each other, sharing a kiss, breaking for Merchant to give Jeanne something else to kiss, keeping her there and literally rubbing it in her face.

Meanwhile, Jeanne tries to get the match resolved in her favour...

When that didn't work, Merchant forced Jeanne back on her knees...

And of course, the audience is having a good time...

As Jeanne turns the tables on Merchant, edging him and toying with his cock. Merchant of course punishes her rather predictably, with a cock down her throat. This is when Melissa jumps in for the double team, joining forces with Jeanne to smother Merchant in what must definitely be someone's version of heaven...

This convinces Merchant to get on the offensive, breaking free and fucking Jeanne's tight ass and fisting her pussy too, but Jeanne takes it all in stride. Frustrated, Merchant finds himself fucking Jeanne's tits, which she's all too happy to allow.

Shaking free of his lust-filled haze, Merchant tries again, attacking Jeanne's sweet rear, and yet again she resists, taunting him for his failure. Her attempts to get Merchant off fare no better, however, as Merchant simply makes use of her throat just as he's done all match.

It's around this time that the audience realized that Merchant may be a bit of a tough cookie...

And that's when the tide turns, with Jeanne cumming first in the match as her ass is pounded to orgasm... which was promptly ruined by Merchant in an act of dominance.

Jeanne is pretty peeved about that but has to endure getting fondled by the audience before she can push her opponent down onto his back and rides him hard and fast in a prime cowgirl move, making him cum deep inside her. As he recovers from this, she gives him a cheeky blowjob, ensuring him that this was far from over. He breaks free and gets under her, licking her overly sensitive pussy and clit.

She tries to lure The Merchant to his doom but he survives her attempt, punish fucking her in retaliation. Passing the test, he goes all out and fucks her pussy from behind, goading her to cum as he fucks her rough and deep. She grips the bedsheets in desperation but cannot hold back the wave of pleasure and cums in a squirting orgasm!

Jeanne had a little something to say about that before the pounding actually began...

Merchant doesn't ruin this one and fucks her through the final orgasm of the match, sealing the victory for his team. Putting her on display for the audience to enjoy, he takes his leave as some members of the crowd take note of just how many tokens Romantic has been losing in his ill-placed bets so far. Read the full log by clicking the link in the header.

Match 6: Romantic Vs Sunny the Fennec Fox

Our last match for this post sees a part 2 follow-up of an ongoing RP, where Romantic and Sunny get up close and personal. The eager crowd quickly gets settled in, some of them catching up on part 1 of the RP as our combatants pick up where they left off.

Amongst the crowd lies Poki, a sharpie in hand and her breasts on display, with the words "GO SUNNY" written on them. Just in case anyone was wondering who she was there to support. In the ring of love, Roma and Sunny confessed deep feelings, tangling with the thoughts in their heads as they kissed and caressed one another. Their RP very loosely matches the actions but the way they d make them match is almost poetic.

Team Sunny comes out in force as the audience discusses their bets and conducts themselves in a wholesome and SFW fashion... mostly. As the two work magic with words, Sunny becomes a little more aggressive in her actions, the play at hand unfolding as two lovers from different worlds take this one night just for themselves.

Things heat up as Roma loses his shirt and Sunny gets to feel the tip of his hard cock against her kitty entrance. As they explore each other, having declared their love, the crowd spills out their love for Sunny and her impeccable RP skills.

The two lovers embrace and become one, caressing each other gently. Pleasure overtakes them both as Roma slides into her, slowly rocking back and forth whilst she lays back and lets him enjoy her body. Her small frame slowly adjusts to Roma's size but with each thrust, she yearns for him more and soon she is ready to take him completely. Roma picks up on this and starts thrusting into her harder, making sure not to hurt her as he goes deeper, making her moan and squeal as her tight little pussy grips his manhood and refuses to let go.

Turning her head to kiss her mid-fuck, he caresses every inch of her body whilst she mirrors his every move, kissing back deeply as she pushes her hips back onto him to accept as much of his cock as she can. All the while, the crowd cheers Sunny on, telling her to keep the pressure up and that she has him right where she wants him.

The coupling becomes more passionate as Roma pulls Sunny onto him, slamming his hips harder to make her feel every inch of him as they enter a frenzy of both love and lust. Sunny screams and moans in desire as her lover caresses and kisses her, biting and spanking her as he fucks her deeply. Her hips respond in kind, slamming against Roma's as she declares she wants every bit of him. This pushes him over the edge and he cums deep inside her, still not stopping or slowing down as he fills her up (thanks to a powerful Thighjob cumtest from Sunny)

The crowd cheers as Sunny takes the lead, whilst Roma whispers into her ear and keeps on giving her everything she has. She mounts him and rides him, taking control of the pace but giving Roma the time he needed to recover some stamina. Whilst Sunny cheekily assured them she was going to win with the audience and demanded snacks, Roma flipped her over and stole her attention back as he pummelled into her and made her cum from a resolute and intense fucking!

The crowd becomes a little split in their support and many things get thrown around. Love, support, people onto other people, it was a whole thing.

The couple in the bed resume making love, declaring it for all the world to hear as they make the room melt with passion. Sunny gets a little kinky as she briefly jerks off Roma with her tail, lost in lust as they go at it with wild abandon. Roma wants to feel every inch of her body, giving her everything he's got once more. She doesn't buckle under him but matches each of his thrusts, feeling her heart swell with love and joy. They fall deeper and more madly in love with every fibre of each other's being as the waning moments of the match dawn upon them.

Roma makes his move, diving deep into her with each thrust of his cock and Sunny hits the edge. The audience are on tenterhooks, anxious to see if she will be able to withstand such a showing of lustful strength. They beg her to resist as she struggles to take all of his power, and with a single happy tear, she cums under him once more and gives in to him completely.

The crowd cries out in dismay as they watch the favourite of the match lose, but goodness, what an amazing match this was. Despite their cries, everyone joins together to congratulate the two players on an amazing match and some exceptional Role-Play. Roma climaxes with his lover and they fall asleep in a tight embrace, both savouring this night to remember.

That brings us to our conclusion but don't worry, there are so many more matches coming our way. Watch this space as we bring you all the sexy, sultry, salacious matches that will take place in the rest of this tournament.



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