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Guides Jul 1, 2023

A short excursion into action & proposal evaluation at Erofights

Hey there, valued folks of Erofights!

Today I would love to tell you a little story from somewhere other than the tournament circus, which we are sure to hear more from. However, we do not want to lose focus on all the great aspects our community has to offer either.

Let's say that this story is fictional, and all similarities to existing persons (alive and/or horny) are purely coincidental. Our protagonist is a young, not-at-all blonde woman who just came back from a long day's work where she resisted murdering in the 2nd degree successfully. As she boots her laptop in her absolutely not chaotic living room, absolutely not sipping on the 6th mug of coffee this day, she thinks:

"Let us see what the cute, horny people of Erofights are up to today!"

What should the protagonist's name be? Any name will do...I will choose something casual that rolls off the tongue nicely! What about...


Given the late hour and her overall mood, Frukka decides that playing on Erofights would not be such a bright idea tonight, so she considers doing some quick action- and enhancement evaluation.

"Giving back to the community and marvelling at its astounding creativity! What better way to end the day?" Frukka thinks while wearing a happy smile.

"Ah, all those horny, silly, and cute people," escapes her lips between several sips of coffee. With some swift clicks of her mouse, she removes a couple of absolutely empty proposals that block the queue for all the great and sexy content to come! The same fate is shared for proposals that do not change anything for the all! "Those horny, silly, and cute people!" Frukka whispers into her mug.

"Seems like somebody had their other hand a bit too busy to remember not to post empty action proposals with no fluidity or content!"

The page of our sedulous protagonist reloads and shows a whole barrage of boobs in bras of all different colours. Ten pairs of look-alike boobs, while only the colour of the bra changes.

"Those horny, silly, and cute people!" Frukka mumbles as she gnaws on the edge of her mug. It seems somebody forgot that we want to enrich the diversity of actions we do proposals for, not create the world's most expansive collection of all the same boobs.

"Okay!" Frukka's finger raises into the air as she strikes a pose to motivate herself, almost tipping over her optimistically half-full mug.

"Now that the careless mistakes are out of the way, the road is paved for the good stuff!" She hits the refresh button with high hopes. A couple of minutes later, she is done refusing the bucket of action proposals that show the same as already existing actions. "Those horny, silly, and cute people!" Her voice is rather monotone as she concludes: "Somebody should search for already existing actions before proposing something."

A long exhale helps Frukka to focus again. With those proposals out of the queue, Frukka looks forward to bringing some new content into the game and rewarding the creative authors with some EF coins for their earnest and honest work as the refresh of the website reveals: ...

Actions that consist of only a headline and one image.

Frukka rubs her eyes, which have become a little tired by now. She swallows the remaining lukewarm coffee and sets the mug aside to do the work she should normally just check.

"Those horny..." short pause... "SILLY! Cute people!" The valiant reviewer shouts. "Maintainers are not your typists! Invest some work if you want your action in-game!"

Meanwhile, the hours went on and the dark of night manifested outside the cosy living room. The not-blonde girl massages her neck after she finishes the last text block to bring those actions to the good people of Erofights. Finally, completing her work, knowing that the modes thrive from the ideas of the community.

"Maybe one or two more before bedtime," Frukka thinks as her eyes wander over the creator's name for the action proposal that just came into the recent.

HardcoreA$$fucker360NOScope. "Here we go!" Frukka exhales. It seems like somebody took fellow Winston's blog entry to heart.

As the headline text manifests in her inattentive mind, she bites her lower lip and presses through gritted teeth right after: "Those horny.....silly.....what the fuck?"

It takes a whole moment before she can read out loud the proposed headline: "Fuck her face until her colon implodes, then steal her car!"

"Code of conduct!" is the only recognisable aspect amongst the extensive swearing, so we better leave the scene here. As the curtain falls, we hear more swearing and pillows hitting furniture.

Final words and thoughts from this blog's author:

I exaggerated to make the whole story fun to read and I hope I did that for you! Nonetheless, I intended to raise awareness that a fair bit of Erofights maintainer's work could get avoided if people stick to the pointers I gave in bold text above. That would shorten the queues, speed up the approval, and maaaaaaybe give one or the other maintainer more time to play on EF themself.

See you in classic mode, you horny, silly, and cute people!

All the love to Green Velcro who helped me a lot with proof reading. :)



After falling in love with the EF community and spending way too much time with chatting and rpĀ“ing, I decided to help out a little with texts and alike. :)