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EF's monthly press briefing for June

News Jul 15, 2023

The month of June seemed to last for about 3 years. Then all of a sudden it was July. June pissed off without so much as a goodbye note. It fucked my house, burned my mother and sauntered off into the distance.

But regardless of how it poorly it treated us (or maybe just me), we should recap all the glory that it also brought us.

Let's start with the updates. So, what went down last month?

Well, first of all, LinLin finished up moderator training and officially stepped into Big Mod™️ shoes. So offer your heartfelt congratulations!

lllusion then came and advised us… something. It was technical and made the squishy bit in my head box hurt. Something about latency and what was causing issues at 1am. If you can explain it to me… please don't, I'll forget within 5 minutes.

A big update came up next. A huge one, actually. Erofights officially became available in Chinese! Click on your flag at the top (or bottom) of the screen to choose the language the site is displayed in. Rachel did us all the honour of working on this translation project, so a massive thank you to her.

What else happened?

I don't know. Hang on, let me check.

Ah! The blog got some content. I should probably read all these someday. Oh well, here's a recap anyway:

Our CHYOA story is one of the reasons that many fine folks found their way onto EroFights. As such, our dedicated teams make sure that as many pathways are made as possible, so everyone has something to enjoy as their favourite story unfolds.

Clara updates on Andy's uploads for the LWR story, going into some sizzling details of a very hot tag team match, following the end of a previous match.

You should read it. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Alya also brings us some exciting new content in the form of a new story branch that focuses more on the characters and their sexy shenanigans. It's a thrill from the very start!

We then see more of Romantic's dungeon pathway, as we pay a visit to an Orc's house.

Do you know what's rare in our CHYOA?

A guest writing some amazing stories. And yet, that's just what happened as we saw some amazing additions to the male sexfighter path!

Last month was hot and next month can only get hotter!!

Now… our tournament. Let's talk about it. Because we've got a bit of catching up to do!

This is a 32 player tournament. 32. Thirty-two. I can't even count that high, what the heck??

Do you realise what this means??

So. Much. Fucking.

So. Many. Orgasms.

I love it. And I know y'all do too. So let's get into the nitty-gritty.

The fixtures were set for round 1 of our epic battles. The players were ready. The arenas were freshly scrubbed. The time was nigh!

Our combatants got together and planned their matches, with the destined audience eager to bear witness to some hot and kinky sexfight action!

Want to see more of those salacious details and fight logs? Check out our Discord to see them in all their glory.

It was a whirlwind of sex and orgasms that left many shaking in its wake. Before long, we had fixtures for round 2, as the hype became almost too much to handle.

The tiebreaker matches started piling up as each fighter gave it their all to stay in the tournament, but there was just not enough room for all of them!

There was almost too much to comprehend, but I think you should mosey on over to the tournament logs on Discord to catch up on any of the battles that you may have missed. But always make it to a match if you can, there's something special about seeing it all unfold!

Now, a quick staffing update and plans we have going forward. Asides from world domination.

LinLin is taking the summer off as getting on EF will be difficult. We will miss her but know that she'll be back, ready to kick names and take ass. In that order.

Our good fellow Tim took an extended break a while back and stepped down as the classic game maintainer. Life always takes precedence, even if it means having to leave EF for a while to get things sorted. Being a maintainer is a very busy ordeal and handling it can be exhausting. So we wish Tim the best and hope to see him again soon when he's ready.

And that brings us up to date!

It's been a pleasure folks, let's do this again sometime.



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